Production Team Leader


Puebla, PUE, MX

Division: BENTELER Automotive 
Functional Area: Production 
Career Level: Professional 
Contract Type: Permanent/Full-time 
Weekly Working Hours: 48.00 
Required Languages: English; Spanish 
Requisition ID: 11161 



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Your chance

  • Manage the production process regarding shift related number of items and control of scrap, and the management of spare parts.
  • Efficiently lead the personnel according to the production programs to meet and satisfy the needs of the customers (supply of manufactured parts) in terms of safety, quality, quantity and time according to the objectives and guidelines of BENTELER.
  • Support line feeding and assist with set ups and minor adjustments of machines as required in order to ensure that customer quality requirements are met.
  • Support launches in complex facility systems in the Process "Develop & Launch".
  • Adjust and monitor continuously the production flow regarding work safety, quality, quantity, schedule, and costs/economic efficiency.
  • Ensure the supply of materials continuously, eliminating downtime.
  • Define priorities in the case of bottle necks and develop alternatives.
  • Leads, manage and develop his team; create (and announce) the shift schedule to meet expected production levels and equipment efficiency.
  • Monitor and ensure the compliance of the work safety guidelines
  • Drive Quality Assurance by introducing and monitoring remedial actions for error avoidance, writing reclamation reports (8D Report), and creating and implementing operating instructions.
  • Ensure BENTELER quality standards, document and escalate deviations, make use of root cause analysis tools, perform quality controls, communicate relevant issues with quality, release modules, label NOK parts and document scrap.
  • Ensure traceability in each of the products and processes in charge of.
  • Notify line stoppage due to equipment failure, whether mechanical, electrical or electronic and cooperate with Maintenance on breakdowns including manual operations.
  • Report downtime due to machinery or equipment failures, quality and logistics issues.
  • Drive continuous improvement through implementation of Lean principles and tools: conduct “pit stops”, participate in lean checks, develop measure regarding process optimization, e.g. minimizing setup/tooling times, degraded materials and rework.
  • Support in-plant and external projects, e.g. ergonomics committee, teamwork, quality circle/compass, etc.
  • Help to ensure that good communication processes are in place for compliance with appropriate departmental and company systems and procedures.


Your personality

  • Knowledge/Experience in welding processes
  • Knowledge/Experience in laser cutting processes
  • Workforce Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • SHE, Ergonomic Work, Accidents
  • ERP – SAP
  • Planning Tools
  • English language
  • Customer focus
  • Priority setting
  • Drive for results
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Troubleshooting


Your contact

David Alejandro Martinez Benitez 

BENTELER Human Resources

Phone: +52 222 229 9610 


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